Essays on Truth

A collection of essays discussing the various aspects of self-mastery, focus, and healing.

My content evolves as I do. That’s the way it’s been the whole time and apparently that is still the running trend. So now my content evolves once again because apparently I need to evolve one more time. Go figure!

For the last few years I’ve been talking about self-mastery. It was all about how to get okay with the pain, how to manage ourselves in the experience we’re in, and essentially just learn to be okay where we are.

I wrote a lot about that topic and I learned a lot about that topic, while not only writing about it, but also living it. As the saying goes, I’ve been there and done that.


No, I’m not talking about babies. This isn’t a parenting blog. I’m talking about healing. I’m talking about dealing with old pain, things that happened in childhood, things that happened 20 years ago. I’m talking about all the stuff you didn’t deal with when it happened years ago, either because you couldn’t as a small child or simply because you avoided it as a teenager or an adult.

Crying out the emotional pain of an experience 20 years later will solve absolutely nothing. It might make you feel better temporarily but in the long term, it will heal nothing.


I’m a psychic medium. I’m intuitive. I read tarot. I’m an energy healer. I have a bunch of gifts that I’ve been given over the years as I’ve healed.

The truth is my intuition and tarot are the things that helped me the most in my healing journey. I’ve followed my intuition the whole way. Has it been right every time? Nope. Not even close.

It actually offered me cycles and self-sabotage multiple times. Why? So that I could learn to recognize those things and heal them. When I recognized them my intuition would shift and offer me a higher truth about what I was experiencing. It would give me new information that I would use to move forward with. I wouldn’t be here without my intuition. It gave me a guided, but not always visible, path forward and for that I am eternally grateful.


I’m a writer but I don’t read a ton. Books have to pull me. They have to be useful. Weirdly, I don’t need to escape my reality so I don’t look to things like fiction books to get away from my life. I’m not a big movie watcher either.

But sometimes there is something that will pull me. Somebody mentioned The Human Condition by Thomas Keating in a comment on Facebook. It was totally random. Nothing more than a reference to something he had read. Immediately it pulled me. I had to go see what this book was about.


I promised you an argument with something for today’s blog. So let’s do that! Let’s argue with things, let’s see if I can create some pain for myself. Let’s see if I can dig myself back out of that hole once I create it.

Yes, I will do this intentionally because I enjoy the process. I’m a weirdo that likes to heal. I enjoy the mental workout I get from understanding my own stuff. I actually like it. Go figure!

**Editor’s Note: This article will not go where you think it should go. This is your warning to close this if you don’t want your ideas to be challenged!**


Below is an essay from my new book that I wanted to put out in the world a little early. Enjoy!

I just had somebody come to my door wanting to talk about the bible. I’m assuming he was from one of the many religions that goes out and tries to convert people. Here’s why I’m sharing this with you.

I grew up Roman Catholic and I dropped that religion almost 30 years ago now. It didn’t offer me a way forward. It didn’t offer me a way to heal myself It didn’t offer hope. It offered fear that I screw up and end up in hell; that I would be punished for simply being human and doing the best that I could do at the time.